Some Milestones in Astrophotography
September 2003; Image of the Andromeda Galaxy selected as one of the greatest astronomical images of the last 30 years by Astronomy Magazine
October 2006; Published "A Year in the Life of the Universe" in 4 languages (English, Polish, Greek, Spanish)(Voyageur Press)
2006; Image of IC405 selected as one of six images to appear on a commemorative stamp issued by the UK Royal Mail
September 2007; one of several featured amateur astronomers in Timothy Ferris's PBS documentary "Seeing in the Dark"
2007; Selected into the SBIG astroimaging "Hall of Fame"
October 2007; Awarded the "Hubble Prize" for contributions to astrophotography at the Advanced Imaging Conference in San Jose, California
2008; Mosaic of the Andromeda Galaxy sited in the Guiness Book of World Records as the Largest image (in pixel dimensions) ever taken of a spiral galaxy at that time
June, 2009: Published "Capturing the Stars: Astrophotography by the Masters", (Voyageur Press)
August 2011: Image of the "Pleiades" appears in 2011 German "Astronomy" postal stamp series.
September 2011: Published "Treasures of the Southern Sky" coauthored with David Malin and Lars Christensen (Springer)
March 2012: Image of NGC 3190 I created from the HLA becomes the background desktop image for Apple's OS X "Mountain Lion" 10.8.
October 2012: Four of my images appear in the "150 Greatest Photographs of the Universe" published by "Sky at Night" Magazine
Febuary 2013: Image of M106 I made for the Hubble Heritage Team, released worldwide as an amateur-professional collaboration by ESA/Hubble Heritage Team.
April 2013: Four of my images (M20, M106, M57, NGC 5189) selected for the Royal Photographic Society’s International Images for Science Exhibition, 2013.
April 2013: Australian Geographic selected my image of M33 (Subaru Composite) in their "16 of the Universe's Most Stunning Galaxies" article.
August 2013: Published Lessons from the Masters: Current Concepts in Astronomical Image Processing
January 2015: Release of the Hubble Space Telescope 25th anniversary image which I assembled for NASA/ESA with data from the Panchromatic Hubble Andromeda Treasury (PHAT). The image to be released on January 2015 is the largest Hubble image ever made. The dimensions are 104,014 X 37,157, 9GB (7,398 exposures, 411 ACS panels)
My Images have been featured 105 times by the NASA website "Astronomy Picture of the Day" since 2000 and have appeared on 65 "Covers" of books and magazines.
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