The Andromeda Galaxy (M31)

copyright Robert Gendler 2008

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1200 X 792


1600 X 1056


2400 X 1584


3600 X 2376


Globular Clusters of M31


M31 High Resolution Mosaic

The largest CCD image of a spiral Galaxy ever made

Resolution 21, 904 X 14,454 (1 gigabyte)

This image will be published in the 2008 Guiness Book of World Records as the Largest image (in pixel dimensions) of a spiral Galaxy ever taken


Cumulative Exposure approximately 90 Hours

Image data acquired at the Nighthawk Observatory

Image data acquired remotely using CCDAutoPilot2

RCOS 20RC f/8 Carbon Truss Ritchey-Chrétien with RCOS Field Flattener / Corrector.

Software Bisque Paramount ME, SBIG STL-11000XM