M22 (NGC 6656)
Distance 10,400 light years

Right Ascension: 18 : 36.4 (hours : minutes)
Declination: -23 : 54 (degrees : minutes

M22 is one of the nearest globular clusters to our sun. Its stars stretch some 200 light years across and its collective brightness ranks it third among the 150 known Milky Way globulars. It is outshined visually only by the two bright southern globulars, Omega Centauri and 47 Tucanae. M22 is considered an old globular cluster having its beginning some 12 billion years ago not long after the formation of the Milky Way. Recent excitement was generated when astronomers observed the possibility of free floating planets within M22. Although controversial planet sized masses were evoked to explain a micolensing effect on stars in the galactic bulge far behind M22. An alternative explanation is that the planets may not be within M22 but could be located somewhere in the line of sight between earth and the cluster. M22 is one of only 4 globular clusters known to harbor a planetary nebula.