"Treasures of the Southern Sky" celebrates the unique beauty and richness of the southern sky in words and with world-class imagery. In part, a photographic anthology of deep sky wonders south of the celestial equator, this book also celebrates the human story of southern astronomy with an engaging and detailed history of key contributors to southern sky exploration. Ample and informative text provides the reader with intriguing facts and useful information about the featured objects.

This volume, arranged by southern hemisphere season, brings to the printed page many of the most provocative and beautiful astronomical images of our time, many in print for the very first time. The collection of imagery covers a full range of deep sky astronomical objects, from the familiar and iconic to the more obscure but no less intriguing. Masterful, state of the art, professional and amateur astrophotography highlights the authors' carefully selected deep sky "treasures".

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Other Reviews
„In these pages, the reader can follow the engaging saga of astronomical exploration in the southern hemisphere, in a modern merger of aesthetics, science, and a story of human endeavor. This book is truly a celebration of southern skies.“ (Jerry Bonnell, Editor Astronomy Picture of the Day, APOD)

„Informative text provides the reader wit intriguing facts about each of the featured objects. Arranged by season, the objects span the gamut from the most celebrated to obscure. The stunning full-color reproductions were captured with a wide selection of telescopes ranging from coauthor Robert Gendler's personal equipment all the way to the Hubble Space Telescope.“ (Sky & Telescope February 2012)

"This book fully lives up to its name... have collected more than one hundred photographs of objects in the southern sky... images lush in detail and possessing an engrossing beauty. ... A true treasure of a book... one that can be enjoyed by anyone with an eye for beauty and curiosity about astronomy." (Choice, Vol. 49 (11), August 2012, K. D. Fisher)

"The book is a pleasure to handle and to look at, and has obviously been produced by enthusiasts to share their own expert awareness, admiration, and appreciation of the treasures to be found in southern skies. ...anyone interested... will not only enjoy it but also come away with a greater awareness of the amazing events taking place beyond the Solar System." (The Observatory, Vol. 132 (1229), August 2012, Colin Cooke)

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