Modern astrophotography has witnessed an explosion of new techniques, methods, and strategies for assembling astronomical data into images having unprecedented informational and visual impact. Staying current with the latest information has become the primary task of the modern imager. Yet the delivery of this information has become challenging.

This book by its very nature, a collection of works by individual contributors, each distinguished in their particular areas, attempts to accomplish this task by covering in systematic detail each of the major subdisciplines of astrophotography with an emphasis on image processing. This approach offers the reader the greatest opportunity to learn the most current information and the latest techniques directly from the world's foremost innovators in the craft today. Each chapter covers the specific processing techniques and strategies unique to each of the major subdisciplines of astrophotography.

The list of Contributors includes many of the most recognized names in astronomical image processing today

Stan Moore...Ken Crawford ..Jay GaBany....Rogelio Bernal Andreo....Don Goldman....Steve Cannistra....Tony Hallas....Adam Block....Johannes Schedler....Steve Mazlin....Damian Peach....Babak A.Tafreshi....Fred Espenak....Alan Friedman....Robert Gendler

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